Day 9: 87 jurors excused from Anthony Sowell trial

Wednesday, 149 jurors were questioned in the Anthony Sowell murder trial and only 62 are getting called back. That's 87 dismissed!

The focus remains on the potential jurors views on the death penalty and what they've heard about the case so far. Some lawyers close to the case tell 19 Action News that they are confident they will seat a jury, despite the massive publicity.

Cops meantime are still standing guard outside Anthony Sowell's Imperial Avenue home, despite police layoffs.

We could still be weeks away from testimony, but according to the case docket, witnesses are now being subpoenaed, and arrangements made for certain deputies to watch over jurors if they get sequestered.

Sowell could go to death row for killing 11 women. 

He currently remains in isolation in the Cuyahoga County jail.

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