Chardon Schools launching an investigation over a mound of mess

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - The Chardon School District is ready to launch an end of the year investigation into activity on the high school baseball field, specifically the pitcher's mound.

An anonymous caller told the superintendent that the coach, Greg Fronk, had the players urinate into a bottle then pour it on the mound.  It's an alleged tradition for the Hilltoppers.

"The staff signs off on training, handling bodily fluids at the beginning of the year. All our employees go through that process so they know that those, no matter what the makeup, takes a certain, rubber gloves...thing of that nature," says Superintendent Joe Bergant.

While it may sound silly, the district is taking it seriously as a health and safety issue, taking steps to clean the dirt!

"We called the Geauga County Health Dept. Their recommendation was to disinfect the area even before we began this investigation so if there was anything on the mound that we took care of it," Bergant says.

Superintendent Joe Bergant says he'll be talking to players, coaches and parents to determine what, if anything, was left on the mound. The coach did not respond when we contacted him.

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