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Humane officers seize dozens and dozens of animals from a nasty Ohio home

Humane officers just seized dozens and dozens of animals from an Ohio home.

Officials say they were living in disgusting conditions and now two people are facing animal cruelty charges.

 The home doubled as a garbage dump and health officials say was it was unlivable for anyone or anything.

More than 80 animals were removed.

"She's not one of the worse, but she's in pretty bad condition," said Dep. Kelly Schubert.

Sheriff's deputies showed 19 Action News just some of the animals removed from the Washington County home last week.

"Kinda nervous about her not making it," said Dep. Kelly Schubert. "35 dogs, 22 chickens, 2 ducks, 4 rabbits and like 20 domestic birds."

The home's exterior resembled the inside of a dumpster and the interior was compared to a sewage tank.

"Worse than anything I've ever smelled or seen in my life. There was so much feces and urine on the floor that you couldn't tell whether it was carpet or linoleum or what underneath it," said Dep. Kelly Schubert.

A kennel worker fell through a floorboard in the home that was rotted by animal waste.

"We probably should have had HAZMAT suits on before going in that house. It was that bad," said Dep. Kelly Schubert.

The sheriff says this is a clear, if not extreme case of animal hoarding.

Three of the animals seized had to be euthanized.

Two of the people living in the garbage dump are charged with 38 counts of animal cruelty.




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