More trial tapes released from Cuyahoga County Corruption investigation

After the corruption trial for Judge Steven Terry ended Monday, the Feds released some of the taped phone calls between some corruption suspects that were played during the trial.

On Monday evening, 19 Action News aired the conversations between Judge Steven Terry and former Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo.

The phone calls show how much disdain the two county officials had for people, voters, other politicians and the system.

Now, here are some text conversation tid bits between former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, Auditor Frank Russo and Judge Steven Terry.

Judge Terry: Frank, your favorite Judge how are you.

Frank Russo: Hey Steven how are you buddy.


Jimmy Dimora: He's speaking at Democratic clubs what a waste of time that is.

Frank Russo: Isn't he pathetic to do that.

Jimmy Dimora: I don't know why he would ...He's already the nominee.

Frank Russo: He's disturbed.

Jimmy Dimora: Why would you even waste your F****** energy on that.

Frank Russo: Yeah, he's disturbed.


Jimmy Dimora: You can't trust that F****** guy.

Frank Russo: Yeah.

Jimmy Dimora: You trust him, I don't trust him at all.

Frank Russo: No.


Jimmy Dimora: She don't do nothing for you.

Frank Russo: No she don't do nothing for you.  No she didn't do nothin on our campaign you think.

Jimmy Dimora: No she does nothing.  You can't even get a favor out of her.


Jimmy Dimora: Mason called Tom Day to get on the campaign for what's her name.

Frank Russo: Laurie Gallagher.

Jimmy Dimora: Yeah.


Frank Russo: I don't think Strickland would go against us.  My brother ran for the presiding Judge.  I'm the auditor.

Jimmy Dimora: No

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