Editorial Response: Don Stalzer

I am Don Stalzer responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about NCAA Hypocrisy.

Are you smarter than an Ohio State scholarship athlete?  Better look at the rules again. You could be mistaken and break a rule. The NCAA and BCS seem to overlook the infractions until the money games are over and then deliver punishment not discipline to colleges and athletes.

A prevent defense would be a better tactic. Help before rather than punish later. Why not use part of the millions of dollars from college football to pay "life coaches".  These individuals could help and counsel incoming-youth as well as full-term students to avoid mistakes and make good life choices.  The question is... are these organizations interested in education... or something else?

There are football coaches who could exemplify life coaching.  But the duty of football limits the time and attention to do both kinds of coaching.  I hope Jim Tressel will return, if not to coach football, to teach or become a life coach.

Thank you.

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