Editorial: Lit only by CFLS

Environmental activists were successful sometime ago in forcing the federal government to destroy the efficiency of toilets and shower heads in the name of water conservation. And the movement is poised now to score its biggest victory yet in its campaign to make modern life as inconvenient as possible. Less than seven-months from now Americans will say goodbye to the 100-watt incandescent light bulb---a marvel of modern technology that's been around almost since the days of Thomas Edison.

As of January 1st - the bulb will be banned, exiled as if it were asbestos to the gulag of environmental no-no's.   We will be required instead to begin using compact florescent lights, or CFLS. For most of us, the lighted living room will never look the same.

CFLS are dim, lousy lights. The environmental do-gooders say these new lights will cut the use of electricity and save the average household fifty dollars a year. Whoopee! Now that the government has taken control of what light bulbs we are permitted to use---how long can it be before they tell us when we can turn them on and off?

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