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Cuyahoga County Corruption Update: Jimmy Dimora & Frank Russo connections

This week Judge Steven Terry was found guilty of fixing a case as a political favor to Frank Russo.

Their conversations were part of a massive collection of calls the FBI recorded as part of the county corruption case.

19 Action News reporter Paul Orlousky has been reviewing those secret recordings and almost all have some sort of connection to Jimmy Dimora and/or Frank Russo. 

Judge Terry wasn't the only target of the Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora's distain. They even mocked then Governor Ted Strickland, and former Democratic Party Executive Director Colleen Cooney.

It is also clear from the taped conversations that candidates seeking office had to do whatever Dimora and Russo wanted to gain their considerable clout at election time.

There are a total of 17 wiretaps that have been made public, a tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of conversations the FBI intercepted. But in just this small number, a disgusting picture is painted of the contempt those at the top had for just about everyone else.   

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