Westlake Auxiliary Officer Helps Deliver Baby

Eric Kaiser is an auxiliary volunteer Police Patrolman with Westlake Police and has been for five years. But, there's something else that came in handy when he responded to a 911 call on Sunday.

Kaiser is as an anesthesiologist for the Cleveland Clinic and when dispatchers sent him and his partner to a house where a mother was giving birth, he was the second officer to arrive to help with the situation.

"Looking at how far the baby had already been delivered I thought there's no way we're going to get her to the ambulance, especially down a narrow stairwell, so I thought we're going to have to deliver it right here", Kaiser said.

As a med student at O-S-U Kaiser had to deliver a few babies, although that was a while ago, he says about 20 years.  Kaiser says there was also another problem. The baby was breech, meaning it was coming out feet first which is dangerous.

After a little trouble getting the baby to cry and breathe, she eventually came to.  Both mom and baby are doing fine, in large part to Officer Eric Kaiser.

The family has asked for privacy at this time.

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