Benched judge banks $90K while on trial for corruption

Get out your calculators, 19 Action News is adding up how much a judge made while on paid leave during his Cuyahoga County Corruption trial.

Former Judge Steven Terry was just found guilty in federal court for fraud. He fixed a case for a political buddy.

"I'm disappointed in the jury's verdict" says Terry, but not as disappointed as the taxpayers are who sat around and watched him collect big bucks while on leave.

For months, Terry has been sitting at home on leave collecting a salary at the rate of $485 an hour.

19 Action News did the math, since Judge Terry's arrest, he's collect more than $90,000 for doing nothing other than being investigated. The Supreme Court said he was entitled to paid leave until he was convicted.

The benched judge's payroll ended when he was convicted and resigned. "As a result of the verdict, I will be resigning my position immediately or as soon as possible" said Terry.

But that's not all, for months and months taxpayers have been shelling out a replacement judge's wages too. That bill is about $60 bucks an hour!

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