No charges for cops caught using I. D.'s of criminals

19 Action News has an update on a problem we exposed last year.

We've found a series of police officers using the I.D.'s of prisoners, yet they are not facing no charges.

19 Action News requested the file from this investigation and we found that four cops and a boss were only told, "don't do it again."

Records show three Cleveland Vice Cops used the driver's licenses of three men to rent cars for undercover work. The licenses were in the Third District Headquarters lost and found.

One was the I. D. of Jonathan Sledge and it was used three times. He'd been arrested for a drug case and resisting arrest. Officers told investigators they used the I. D.'s because they didn't want to blow their cover quote protect my true identity as a police officer.

It all came to light when one officer got a ticket from a speed camera in another guy's name.

Sledge wrote to cops he just wanted to get this resolved and his name cleared.

We tried reaching a couple of the men whose I. D.'s had been used, but we were unsuccessful.

So why weren't there any charges filed? One officer said by performing a police function he thought it was legally permissible.

This after an internal investigator wrote he thought the cops all committed identity fraud.

Only one of the cases was referred to a city prosecutor and that finding was "insufficient evidence."

After the investigation was complete, only three vice officers simply got letters.

Investigators also found Lt. Jerome Barrow knew about it as their supervisor and didn't stop it. He got a letter too.

The city says it's taken steps to make sure this can't happen again.   

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