Peregrine falcon baby rescued by Akron Fire Department

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The Akron Fire Department performed an unusual rescue Tuesday morning.

While climbing the stairs on his way to work, Captain Charles Twigg  spotted a struggling bird in the parking lot of the Delaware Building in downtown Akron, across from City Hall.

The bird turned out to be a young peregrine falcon that attempted to fly but was unable to get aloft. Others quickly joined the effort - Lt. Ron Breznak, Medic Johnnie Player and Interim Fire Chief Rob Ross joined in to contain the falcon so that it would not be (further) injured. The falcon was not receptive to their approach, and even tried to hide under a stairwell, but fire personnel were able to carefully slip a box over it and capture the bird.

Ohio Division of Wildlife Supervisor Damon Greer responded to the scene and took custody of the falcon. He confirmed that it was one of the youngsters from a nest at downtown's Landmark Building. The baby falcon was banded, which will enable Greer to tell exactly which bird this is and where it needs to be returned once it is inspected for injuries. If the bird needs further evaluation, he will arrange for veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs to examine the falcon. Officials expect that if the falcon does not need medical attention, it will probably be returned to its nesting box to recuperate and get the nourishment and protection it needs from its parents.

"We were happy to participate in the rescue," said Chief Ross. "Everyone downtown loves to see these impressive birds flying around our buildings, and connecting us a little bit to nature."

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