Medical breakthrough for breast cancer patients

It's the medical breakthrough so many have been hoping for.

A big announcement today on a new technology at a medical center in California.  It's something they've been working on for year and is now proving to be just what they hoped it would be.

The treatment is much more effective and the side effects are not nearly as bad as with traditional breast cancer treatment.

Loma Linda University Medical Center is pioneering the use of Proton Beam Therapy.

It's still a type of radiation therapy, but it's much more precise.

In clinical trials, researchers say it provides excellent disease control with minimal side effects like hair loss and nausea, and is ultimately less toxic to the patient.

And better yet, proton beam therapy only requires two weeks worth of treatment instead of the typical seven weeks.

It still has one more round of trials before it's widely available for everyone who needs it.

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