Editorial Response: Taylor Brown

I am Taylor Brown responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about CFL light bulbs.

The Federally forced switch from 100-watt light bulbs to CFL's are said to be great energy savers when at most the maximum amount of money you will save by them is simply fifty dollars.

This forced switch is further proof that the United States government is gaining too much control over what we Americans are allowed to do in the privacy of our own homes.  Before we know it, they'll be telling us what we can say and how we can feel.  This is just one of the many rights that we have successfully voted away by putting politicians who have mixed and shaddy agendas into office.

CFL's are dimmer bulbs and you may be required to turn on more lights to brighten one room than you would have to with a 100-watt bulb.  In the end, we will be using twice the amount of electricity for the same amount of light.  Making the use of CFL's mandatory is a waste of time and a waste of United States citizens' money.

Thank you.

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