Innerbelt alternative

The much anticipated traffic jams will be in full effect by rush hour tomorrow morning.  Tonight, the East 14th ramps to 1-77 South and 1-90 West will be closed for over a year due to construction on the Innerbelt Bridge.

If you haven't already planned an alternative route to and from downtown, you may consider the option of public transportation.

Paul Orlousky spoke with RTA employees and supervisors about how they are preparing for the influx of Rapid-riders that is soon to come.  Proactively, they have added another rail service and expanded the parking lot at the 'Park and Ride' in Westlake The RTA team has already adjusted to the 20% increase in the public transport users (attributed to sky-rocketing gas prices) and they plan to adapt to the future changes as necessary.

There is the on-going debate over whether taking public transportation saves time commuting to and from the city.  The benefit of using city trains and buses is that they reduce congestion and keeps traffic moving, rather than saving time.  A single bus can hold 60 passengers, that 60 less cars slowing down the roadways.

In addition to helping the environment and saving you from road rage, taking the bus can give you a chance to prepare for the day or just unwind.  Read the paper, text, make phone calls… whatever you do, take the train and avoid grid-lock traffic jams.

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