Police say a scrap yard was buying stolen city property

19 Action News is confronting a local scrap yard about what cops say they found there--city property paid for with your tax dollars.

An undercover sting led to a raid at Express Metals on Woodworth Ave. In Cleveland.

Thieves are stealing manhole covers all over town. Selling them for scrap. Cleveland Fifth District Police had a tip Express Metals was buying the manhole covers. So an officer went in undercover. Sold two manhole covers. Almost no questions asked. Investigators say they found 13 more manhole covers there too. Plus garbage. Lots of garbage.

A woman there told our Ed Gallek people who've brought in manhole covers say they found them in a field.


Police now going to a grand jury for charges. And inspectors could shut the place down.

The covers are worth hundreds of dollars. The undercover officer got $35.

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