43 Forum: Achievement Centers for Children

CLEVELAND  (6/19/11) - My guests and I talked about The Achievement Centers for Children and the programs it provides. Deborah Osgood is the Vice President of Development and Marketing.  She talked about the mission and the 70 year history of the organization.  We discussed the importance of the language we use when talking with and about persons with disabilities.  For example, instead of saying birth defect the now acceptable term is congenital disability or use mental illness or the specific diagnosis instead of calling someone crazy, maniac or lunatic.

My other guest Karen Sorace-Thomas is a teacher, a board member of The Achievement Centers for Children and the mother of two sons with disabilities.  She brought a wealth of personal experience to the conversation. The  Achievement Centers for Children has three locations which provide education, therapy services, family support and recreation for children and their families with disabilities.  We also talked about the organization's annual fundraiser A Most Excellent Race.  It's a 5-K run/walk or a 10K run to benefit Camp Cheerful.

For more information click HERE or call (216) 292-9700.