Bad Trip: Dope accused of supplying sickening herbal incense to girlfriend's kid, friend

WILLOUGHBY, OH (WOIO) - A Willoughby man cuffed and stuffed for supplying herbal incense to two teenage girls.

35-year-old Angel Ortiz is charged with abusing harmful intoxicants and child endangering.

Police were called to the 700 block of Tioga Trail Tuesday night. A resident called cops after a violently ill teenage girl came to his home in need of help.

Two girls - ages 16 and 17 - got sick from smoking herbal incense, otherwise known as Ultra Cloud 10 or legal marijuana. The substance can be bought over the counter at almost any head shop.

The girls were taken to the hospital for treatment and are expected to be fine.

Ortiz, who is the live-in boyfriend of the sick 16-year-old's mother, has a court date slated for June 30th.

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