Cleveland's proposed trans fat ban

Cleveland's proposed trans fat ban in city restaurants, could be a law that never gets enforced. That's because state lawmakers are ready to over-turn it for a number of reasons.

Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck was in town as part of the 2011 Five Star Sensation University Hospital fundraiser and we asked him what he thought about the proposed ban. Puck says "I think trans fats should be banned, because it is not necessary to have them."

Cleveland's ban was passed in April, but many restaurants are already cooking healthier. Some, like "Hot Sauce Williams", don't use trans fats.

Trans fats are artificial fats and they do the same thing to our body's arteries that bacon grease does to sinks, over time it clogs them.

But, overturning the trans fat ban, according to Ohio's restaurant association, would relieve restaurants from the burden of keeping extra records on all the ingredients used to prepare meals.

Plus, some lawmakers say it would also eliminate a possible patch work of restaurants where some would be allowed to cook with trans fats, while other eateries in different cities would not.

The House and Senate are still working out their differences on the bill before it can be passed into law.

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