Cleveland Heights City Council holds special meeting to debate "childish" issue


Cleveland Heights City Council held a special meeting with residents and business owners to figure out a way to keep kids off the streets at night.

Officials passed an ordinance with new curfew restrictions for those under 18.

The meeting stems from an issue there Sunday night. A street fair got out of control when cops tried to move hundreds of teenagers out of Coventry Village.

No one was hurt, but there were several arrests and it got downright scary for families and couples trying to enjoy the event.

"This is not representative of Cleveland Heights," said one resident.

"Every weekend I've got customers saying look we just got hassled by a group of kids."

"I realize vendors had to do a lot of damage control trying to refute there was an issue, but as we know, there was a huge issue, it was not exaggerated."

The city has decided to move quickly. Effective immediately, a curfew is now in place starting at 6 PM. It effects any unsupervised minors in Coventry Village and Cedar Lee.

 Some kids think the curfew is too restrictive.

"6pm is a little much, you can't even go out to dinner with your friends," said one teen. "I think it's a little ridiculous."

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