Emotional testimony from woman who claims Sowell attacked her

Gladys Wade testifying
Gladys Wade testifying

The judge in the Anthony Sowell trial wrapped things up for the day just before 4 PM Thursday.

Earlier in the day the prosecution began calling more witnesses in the murder trial of accused serial killer's trial.

The first witness called by the prosecution was Gladys Wade, who claims to have been attacked by Sowell back in 2008. Sowell was never charged in this incident.  In court, Wade  would only face the jury during her testimony.

Wade says she met Sowell on the street and he said Merry Christmas to her and asked her if she wanted some beer.  She says she said no and he grabbed her then dragged her to the third floor of his home.

Wade says she fought him off and ran across the street to a restaurant for help and they told her to get out.

When asked to identify Sowell, Wade broke down in tears.

In cross-examination, the defense paints a picture of a woman with her share of legal and drug problems.

Wade is reluctant to answer the defense's questions.  At one point, she tells the judge, "I don't want to talk to this man anymore.  He's hurting me."

Officer Kevin Walker took the stand next.  Officer Walker was the officer Wade flagged down on the street after she says Sowell attacked her.

Police went to the Sowell home that's where Officer Walker says he found blood inside and outside of the home.

Sowell was arrested that night, but no charges were ever filed.

Sowell is accused of murdering eleven women on the city's east side and stashing their bodies inside and outside of his Imperial Avenue home back in late October 2009.

Wednesday, dramatic testimony was heard from a woman who claimed to have escaped one of Sowell's violent attacks in 2008 and saw a decapitated body inside of the home.

Family members also spoke out about their search for missing loved ones and what they thought was lack of concern from Cleveland Police.

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