Raw Video: Cleveland Police taser Cleveland Parking Cop downtown

Video of a City of Cleveland Parking Enforcement Officer tasered by cop has made it to YouTube.

Brent Miles was arrested last month for impeding the flow of traffic, failure to comply, escape, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Police say the 31-year old stopped his work vehicle in traffic on Walnut Court west of E. 12th Street.

A Cleveland Traffic Cop approached Miles and asked him why he was stopped in the roadway. After Miles started arguing with the officer he was ordered to exit his vehicle.

Miles refused, and that's when the cop tried to handcuff him and remove him from the vehicle. A struggle ensued and after several minutes the Traffic Officer tasered him.

After being tasered, Miles took off running. Third District Officers caught him at E. 9th & St. Clair Avenue.

Police found an illegal knife on Miles during a search.

He was then hauled off to jail. 

Miles is facing a series of charges. Police say they're still investigating the use of force.

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