Burglary suspect in Parma shot and killed by Cleveland police

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - NEW DETAILS: 19 Action News has learned the Cleveland Police Officer involved in the early Monday morning in Parma was Officer Matt Craska.  The shooting happened around 12:15AM on Wareham.

Sources tell 19 Action News that Craska was on-duty at the time of the shooting and checked in with his Sergeant before he went to the house in Parma.

Cleveland police say they were investigating a burglary that occurred at the home of a Cleveland police officer in the Second District.

The officer had a party Sunday evening and the suspect, 25-year-old Dan Ficker, was there. Ficker's girlfriend is apparently related to the officer's wife.

After Ficker left the party, someone in the home realized some jewelry was missing. Those at the house called on-duty police officers, who went to question Ficker at the Parma house.

There was a confrontation and Ficker began wrestling with the Craska and another officer. During the struggle, Ficker was tasered but it didn't subdue him and then he was shot and killed.

One officer was treated and released from Metro for his injuries.

The use of deadly force is being investigated by the Parma Police Department.

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