CHAT NOW!: What do you think about the Not Guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial?

Jurors have reached a verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

After listening to more than a month of testimony and deliberating only one day, jurors have decided if the 25-year-old murdered her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Monday morning, jurors heard prosecutors present their rebuttal to the defense's closing statements.

"Our position is the facts in this case show without a reasonable doubt, that this was premeditated murder of a young child," said Prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton first focused on the case's forensic evidence, trying to convince jurors that Anthony killed her daughter more than three years ago by covering her face with duct tape.

"That tape had to have been on that skull before she decomposed," said Prosecutor Jeff Ashton. 

Defense attorneys have tried to inject doubt into the case by saying Caylee accidentally drowned in the family's pool and Casey Anthony's father helped her cover it up. And they say prosecutors are smearing Anthony's character by claiming she killed her daughter because she got in the way of her hard-partying lifestyle.

"The reason you don't have the evidence you want is because it's an un provable case," said Jose Baez, Defense Attorney. 

The jury considered seven charges, including first degree murder, which carries a possible death sentence.

Anthony is also charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child, aggravated child abuse and four counts of providing false information to law enforcement.

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