Former principal who bilked nearly $50K from student activity accounts pleads not guilty

UPDATE: A former high school principal accused of stealing money from student activity accounts was in court on Wednesday.

46-year-old Kevin Liptrap was the principal at Fairview High School. From September 30, 2008 and October 1, 2010, Liptrap stole approximately $50,000 from the school's student-activity accounts.

Liptrap pleaded not guilty. His bond was set at $5K.

The school system observed irregularities in Liptrap's documents pertaining to receipts from school events and student participation fees for programs that included sports.

When confronted by school officials, Liptrap resigned in October 2010. At Liptrap's house, Fairview Park Police seized $5,000 in Liptrap's possession, which was stolen from the school.

Liptrap also fleeced approximately $47,000 from a former fiancé between June 14, 2006 and August 8, 2008. He deceived the victim by falsely claiming he was going through a divorce, had fallen on hard times, and needed money for living expenses.

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