Editorial: Decisive Action Against "Flash Mobs"

The recent decision by the Cleveland Heights City Council to slap a curfew on its Cedar-Lee and Coventry Village neighborhoods was the right course of action regardless of complaints by some civil rights groups. 

The city acted last week after several episodes of so called "flash-gangs" swarmed into the neighborhoods. The flash-gangs are created by groups of young punks who text each other to organize a mob. 

The worst of these Cleveland Heights incidents took place June 26th when thousands of youths showed up at the Coventry Street Fair fighting and harassing fair-goers and local businesses.

The curfew essentially bans anyone younger than 18 in those two commercial areas from the hours of 6pm to 6am.  The curfew was modified somewhat this week to accommodate kids with a legitimate reason to be in those neighborhoods, but it remains strict enough to shut down any further "flash mobs". 

Well, we commend the Cleveland Heights City Council for ignoring the protests of the ACLU and other apologists for these gangs and by acting decisively to protect its citizens. 

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