Cleveland cop shoots, kills Shar Pei Shepherd Mix during attack

Cops responding to a domestic violence call shot and killed a dog Thursday evening at 1464 W.48th Street.

"I'm sorry for the officer, sorry for the incident, and the owners of Cisco it's a difficult situation," said neighbor Bill Seech.

It happened around 4:45 p.m.

Police say while investigating the incident and searching for the suspect, a Second District Officer was bitten on the leg by a Shar Pei Shepherd Mix.

The officer tasered the dog first, but because he did not stop attacking the officer, he shot him.

"The first few times they came running down and bark bark bark, but then we'd reach through and pet him. That's all he wanted was attention," said neighbor Bill Seech.

"We know the difference between dogs protecting their property and a dog that wants to take a chunk out of you, and in this case he actually took a chunk out of the officer's leg, so he had no other choice," said Patrolman Steve Loomis.

The officer was taken to Metro, where he is being treated for his injuries. He's expected to be okay.

Cisco's owner was quite upset, but not critical of police.

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