Cleveland strip club under investigation

State investigators believe they found a local strip club violating the "no touch" law in Cleveland.

According to police, the raid went down at the Crazy Horse located on Saint Clair.

Earlier this year, 19 Action News went undercover inside some of some of Cleveland's hottest strip clubs.  Undercover cameras recorded nude or semi nude women apparently breaking Ohio's no touch law.

Strippers were caught touching their customers at Larry Flint's Hustler Club on the West Bank of the Flats. Over at the Diamond Men's Club just a block down and at Christie's Cabaret in the Flats, girls appeared to be naked and grinding on customers.

This week, state investigators raided the Crazy Horse after investigators say they witnessed sexual activity, nudity, public indecency, drug possession and violations of the state's no touch law.

19 Action News has learned 5 administrative charges were recently filed against the Gold Restaurant, owner of the Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse's owner tells 19 Action News "we believe the charges will not hold up.  This was a dog and pony show by the State of Ohio.  We have run a quality and clean establishment with a zero tolerance on drugs since 1978."

Crazy Horse adds the drugs found were two pills and a small baggie with some type of residue in an employee's locker.

If the charges stick, the Crazy Horse will probably end up paying a fine but it appears this strip club is planning on fighting it out with the State of Ohio.