UFO or Chinese Lanterns? 19 Action News investigates UFO's

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Lots of people were looking up into the sky around the Fourth of July.  But it seems many people were seeing something other than fireworks.

A chance sighting by a man in Jackson Township led many Northeast Ohioans to think twice about what they may have seen in the sky recently.

Jason Runion's July 3rd footage prompted Brad and Mary Kay Thomas to send 19 Action News cell phone video they shot on June 25th in Seven Hills, OH.

Doug in Old Brooklyn also contacted the station about what they saw on July 4th. "I just happened to be filming out to the southeast and I just noticed on top of all the other lights, and explosions and flashes, three steady lights in the shape of an  L."

After airing their mysterious lights, numerous calls from witnesses say the lights were in fact Chinese Lanterns that were lit and released into the sky. The Chinese Lantern theory only explains one of the three nights with recorded reports of unexplained sightings.

Three of them at three different altitudes would probably be moving different from each other not in unison

Doug wouldn't classify himself as a believer, but definitely somebody who's curious.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the sky!