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Woman beaten senseless for telling a driver to slow down


Talk about road rage. A woman says she got a beat down, including a punch in the face, after yelling at a car speeding through her neighborhood.

The woman was worried that her kids might get run over so she and her boyfriend yelled at the driver to slow down but they never imagined what would happen next.

Shannon Sweeney's story is almost too outrageous to believe!  

"I was kicked in the head and dragged by my hair," said Shannon Sweeney.

Both Shannon and her boyfriend were pummeled.

The couple was worried their kids would be run over by the crazed driver.

The posted speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 mph. The man at issue is thought to have traveled about twice that around 50 mph and apparently he became offended when some one told him to slow down.

The driver then came to a screeching stop which was followed by a beat down, complete with punching, kicking and plenty of hair pulling

"I was bloodied in the middle of the street," said Shannon Sweeney.

With all of the feet and fists flying Shannon did not get a good look at her attackers and without that description police cannot make any arrests.

"I didn't see any faces, just hands and feet kicking me in the head," said Shannon Sweeney.

Again with out that description police cannot do a lot so they are asking for the public's help.

Any one with information about this crime is urged to call police.


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