ODOT, City lists improvements completed as part of Innerbelt Bridge project

The Innerbelt project team is working to reconstruct and widen bridges and ramps along I-90.

In order to complete this work, I-90 has been reduced to two lanes in each direction. The community has a primary alternate route to avoid the construction zones. Interstates 77 and 490 have been restriped to add an extra lane in each direction.

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Below is the list of "city street improvements" that have been completed by both the City and ODOT as part of the Innerbelt Bridge project.

Signal Improvements:

  • West 25th Street from I-71 to Detroit Avenue
  • Carnegie Avenue from East 22nd Street to Ontario
  • Orange Avenue from East 30th Street to East 9th Street
  • Broadway Avenue - I-77 to East 9th Street

Intersection improvements:

  • East 22nd and Carnegie
  • East 14th and Orange
  • East 22nd and Orange
  • East 30th and Orange


  • East 14th Carnegie Avenue to Orange Avenue
  • Broadway from I-77 to East 14th Street

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