CMSD School Board votes on contract for new CEO

The Board of Education of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District voted Tuesday to approve the at-will employment contract of Chief Executive Officer Eric S. Gordon.

The one year contract commences July 1, 2011 and ends on June 30, 2012 for the District's former Chief Academic Officer, who says he is looking forward to the opportunity to lead the district.

"The Board's vote is not only an expression of confidence in my leadership," said Gordon, "but also a vote of confidence in us as an organization and in the direction we are moving to make Cleveland a premier school district."

The Board and Mr. Gordon agreed on five goals to be accomplished during his term as CEO:

1. Improving the District's graduation rate
2. Improving the school designation on the State Report Card for schools in Academic Emergency and Academic Watch
3. Actively recruiting students and families in order to maximize enrollment in the District's higher performing schools
4. Developing and/or implementing performance evaluation systems that reward and support effective principals and teachers
5. Presenting a revised Facility Plan for District buildings

The contract entitles Chief Executive Officer, Eric Gordon to receive an annual salary of $230,000.

In keeping with the Board's and Mr. Gordon's promise to negotiate a "no frills" contract, the agreement does not include benefits awarded to previous CEOs' and Superintendents', including retirement pickup, auto allowance, driver and security service and reimbursement for annuity payments.

The contract specifically stipulates the CEO will not be provided a District vehicle for his transportation, nor will there be a District employee assigned to drive, chauffeur or provide protective security for the CEO. The District will provide Gordon with mileage reimbursement for District-related travel in his personal car.

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the at-will employment contract between Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon and the Board of Education of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 

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