Police search for attacker who raped college student in apartment


Cops in Akron have a sketch and a description of a man who reportedly attacked a college student in her apartment, now the only thing they need is this punk locked up.

The rape happened in an area that is suppose to be safe and secure for college students. 19 Action News spoke with two young ladies who live in the building and for their safety we are concealing their identities.

This building is on the corner of Exchange and High Street in downtown Akron and has been open for less than a year. Many students who attend the University of Akron live there, like Megan and Lindsey.

"We live In this building we live here they haven't told us anything about that" said Megan.

The students invited 19 Action News in and showed us all the high tech security, a fob like key to enter.

"You need to have a magnetic key to get inside the building everyone here has one," said Megan.

And cameras in the hallways and stairwell, except for one.

Akron cops say a man followed his 19 year old victim into the building at 11:30 in the morning. He cornered her at the bottom of the stairwell and covered her mouth while sexually assaulting her.

He then took off on a bike.

"This is why we live here we both wanted to be safe with keys and locks and I don't even know what to say," said Lindsey.

The girls who still smell the newness of the building, all of a sudden are sicken by the thought of a rapist sneaking in during the light of day.

"You would think you were safe walking around during the middle of the day," said Lindsey.

Because there are camera's throughout the building students hope cops were able to get this thug's mug on tape.   

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