I-77construction barriers distracting to drivers

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - Anyone notice those yellow distracting construction beams all over I-77 between I-490 and I-480? As distracting as they are, they are actually made for your safety!

Drivers tell 19 Action News how extremely distracting they are, and how close they come to their lane of travel.

"I'm pretty safe. I go where I know there isn't going to be an accident… but that is an accident waiting to happen. Someone is going to get hurt and they'll wait until somebody gets hurt and then they'll fix it" says Shirley Gyurcso of Independence.

Technically, the beams are called attenuators and the Ohio Department of Transportation says they are built for the driver safety.

ODOT is replacing median inlets, so a portion of the concrete median has been removed. The attenuators are engineered to collapse, just like an accordion. If you hit them, they'll collapse.

ODOT insists hitting them is safer than slamming into an open spot of the concrete median.

Talk about no margin for error, most of these are just inches off of lanes on I-77. You better not be distracted or talking on the phone in this situation, or you'll end up hitting one very easily.

Matt Began of Independence tells 19 Action News "You know I was texting and I almost hit one.  You shouldn't be texting.  No I'm kidding… those are scary."

Stefon Davis also tells 19 Action News "I could see it being dangerous… yeah… luckily for me I stay right in the middle. It could be a problem if someone was to far over to the left definitely."

Either way, get used to them. This construction project will continue into October.