Exclusive: Inside Anthony Sowell's jail unit

19 Action News is giving you a first look at Anthony Sowell's world behind bars.

19 Action News cameras went inside of the unit jailers are holding the accused serial killer.

Anthony Sowell spends his time solo in a jail cell. 19 News rolled as we got an inside look at how he sleeps, what he sees and even how he mops his own cell.

To get to Sowell's Cuyahoga County Jail unit, there were a number of checkpoints to travel through.

He's being held in a unit for inmates kept in segregation or locked up alone for breaking jail rules.

His cell is just 11' x 13'.

"Basically for his own protection, he's in a cell by himself" says Cuyahoga County Jail Warden Victor McArthur. According to the Warden, Sowell's cell could fit three people, but he's by himself.

Sowell sleeps on a thin mattress with a small toilet, sink and a little mirror.

The view outside is unclear thanks to glass block windows. There is also a tiny view to the hallway.

"Typical day, he gets to come out to take a shower use the phone, and out for a period to exercise just like everyone else" says Warden McArthur. "Most of the people up here have been in and out of the system."

The guards in this unit are tough guys, part of a special response team. Sowell often refuses exercise time, but he does come out to take a shower and he has to clean his own cell. Sowell eats what the general inmate population gets, but again, the Cuyahoga Sheriff has Sowell in his own cell since it's a high-profile case.

Any perks? Sowell can have a 15" flat screen television wheeled into his cell.

The jail cell has been Anthony Sowell's world since November 2009.  All that time in cell, with very little human contact. "It is unusual for an individual to be up here that long" says Warden McArthur.