Exotic Exit: Sam Mazzola's animals are on the move


Wednesday was a tough day for the folks who worked for Sam Mazzola. They were the ones responsible for shipping off his exotic pets to new homes.

19 Action News cameras were rolling Wednesday night as the lions, tigers, bears and other animals were hauled away. 

More than a dozen of Mazzola's friends and family helped move what he spent a lifetime building. Darlene Mosby stopped by to watch with her kids. She lives behind the property.  

"My children are animal lovers and they're excited to see of the bears and the tigers," said Darlene Mosby.

And as the tigers were being moved we learned that the move has been in the works for weeks. It is what Sam wanted.

Sam Mazzola died Sunday under mysterious circumstances and his goal to get these animals to a good homes is happening. His controversial exotic pet farm was always the talk of the neighborhood. But now that they are leaving, people will miss them.

"We will miss the animals and their howling at night," said Monet Mosby.

Trailers full of animals left the farm for the last time. As his staff prepares for the long goodbye to the man who harbored lions, tigers and bears. Darlene said her kids wanted to be here.

"I explained it to them. They had to find new homes for them because their owner had passed away," said Darlene Mosby.

Friday, they'll move the bears and that should be the end of the exotic farm.

Meantime, Mazzola's death is still under investigation as police search for a person who may have been with him in his last hours.

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