Police: Cat burning bandits on the loose


Two cats are badly burned and now cops in Bay Village are trying to piece this together to see if the two cases are related.

No doubt about it, police think they have an animal abuse case on their hands and there's no telling how many other cats have come home with injuries that their owners thought nothing of.

Five year old Ira is in a foul mood, and you'd be too, if you were recovering from second and third degree burns.

Meredith Cole says Ira used to be a sweet snuggle cat, but his personality completely changed the day he came limping home.

"He was all burned, his back legs, back toes, his pads completely burned off. All along his mid section, he was a big red mess," said Meredith Cole.

Cole thought Ira may have stepped into a still smoldering fire pit or barbeque.

But then she heard the story of another cat. It was found a short distance away in Cahoon Park. It had blisters all over it's body, skin was hanging from it's paws, the poor thing was even burned around it's rectum.  

A veterinarian examined that cat and concluded the injuries were not accidental. Someone may be intentionally harming these animals.

That's when Meredith Cole realized that Ira may have been intentionally burned. She felt terrible and called the police.

"How long is it going to be before they move on to humans," said Meredith Cole.

Bay Village police are now investigating while the Coles nurse Ira back to health. 

"It's just painful to watch something you care about suffer and you don't know why it happened," said Meredith Cole.

Both burned cats live on the west side of Bay Village but they're not close by.

So far police don't have any leads. 

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