Jurors watch Anthony Sowell's interrogation interview for second day

Tapes of Anthony Sowell's interrogation interview with homicide detectives the day he was arrested are being played for jurors as the Cleveland Strangler trial resumes.

In the tape, Sowell appears resigned with his head buried in his hands. He provides detectives with details on the bodies found in his home, and said they appeared after his "dreams."

Detectives push him for more details. He talks about "fancy" jeans a woman wore. She was found buried in the back yard.

They ask him victim's sizes, heights, skin color and what they were wearing while pointing to a diagram of where bodies were found.

Detectives push harder, and ask what he used to choke and bind the woman. "There are too many not to know what happened," a detective tells him.

Sowell seemed to be struggling to bring up details, as he closed his eyes and nervously played with his hands. He described a victim as wearing a tie-dyed shirt.

Sowell then said a voice told him not to go into the third floor room where four bodies were found.

Sowell earlier mentioned a memory of "choking."

Click HERE to read transcripts of the entire Anthony Sowell interrogation.

Sowell faces the death penalty if convicted of murdering eleven women. The bodies of the victims were found in and around Sowell's Imperial Avenue home in late 2009.

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