Good Friday: Cuyahoga County Drops Criminal Charges Against Tom Ganley

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor dropped all criminal charges against Tom Ganley on Friday.

Ganley had been indicted in March on allegations involving a one-time customer of one of his dealerships. The trial was scheduled to begin later this month.

Assistant County Prosecutor Blaise Thomas said, "After further investigating the case of State v Ganley and consulting with the victim, this office made a determination to dismiss the case. This decision represents the desire of the victim not to go forward to trial. A motion was filed today with the court to enter a dismissal of the case without prejudice."

Steve Dever and Tom Conway, Ganley's criminal lawyers, and Brent Buckley, who is defending Ganley in a civil lawsuit, shared the news with the media and issued the following statement:

"We thank the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office for keeping an open mind as this case moved forward and for considering new evidence after the indictment and even after the case was set for trial. Tom consistently maintained the allegations were not true and we knew the evidence supported his position. While we were prepared to provide a vigorous defense on Tom's behalf, we're pleased it was not necessary."

Speaking on his own behalf, Tom Ganley said, "This episode has put an enormous strain on my family and on me. We are emotionally drained, but grateful beyond words that the authorities were able to see I didn't do the awful things that were leveled against me. I want to thank everyone who stood beside me during this ordeal, who believed in me and my character, and gave me strength even when prospects looked grim. I especially appreciate the unwavering support my wife provided throughout the last few months. I could not have survived without her by my side. I also want to thank all of the employees of the Ganley dealerships for staying focused on our customers during this difficult time."

"Starting today, I am going to try and rebuild my life, but I will do it with the sobering recognition of how quickly an unfounded allegation can completely destroy a lifetime of good work."

The attorneys noted that the case was a great example of justice done right. "So often, the public questions whether our justice system still works. Tom Ganley's case proves that it does when the facts are clearly presented and carefully considered," said Dever.

Just this week the defense asked to see secret testimony before the grand jury, raising questions about the investigation.


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