Notoriety: Anthony Sowell the subject of new book

A new book is slated to be released this fall and the subject is Anthony Sowell.

New of the book comes while Anthony Sowell is still on trial.

A man is taking a rape case from 2006, writing about a victim. It's called "I survived the Cleveland Strangler."

19 Action News confirmed the author has gone to police and prosecutors trying to get them to take another look at the case with Sowell as a suspect. Sowell is charged with killing 11 women--raping others. He was never a suspect in this 2006 case.

Now one law enforcement source says the victim identified Sowell after seeing him on TV.

According to the police report the woman says she got raped and beaten badly in an empty building in the city's Garden Valley Section. No one was ever arrested. 

The book includes a sketch put out by police at the time.

The author claims it even resembles Anthony Sowell plus the book raises questions about the murder of a woman in that same area in 2005. 

Sowell got out of prison in early '05 from a rape conviction. The author is a former boyfriend.  The author thinks if cops had done more back then Sowell would've been off the streets before 11 women died.

Police say if this woman suddenly remembers more and has new information, they'll listen.

The book should come out this fall.

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