Three teens arrested for breaking into supermarket

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - Three teens were arrested from breaking into an Apples grocery store after a newspaper delivery man witnessed their crimes.

According to Lorain Police, Officers were called out to Apples located at 1051 Meister Road for suspicious males with clothes over their faces stuffing products into dark bags. The witness Sean Stevens, watched the whole thing unfold right through the store's front doors.

Officers arrived on scene around 3:51 a.m. and spotted two teens on the roof. Then, they heard a loud thud and witnessed another suspected running down the road. Officers chased the suspect and placed the male under arrest.

Officers then called in the Lorain Fire Department to the scene to use their ladder to search the roof of the plaza for the two others spotted above.

Two males were found hiding under an air-conditioning unit above the Marshal's Department Store. Both males were placed under arrest and two black bags were recovered with stolen contents.

Stolen items included candy, tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets and more.

Officer placed all three males under arrested and transported them to the Lorain City Jail.

The arrested suspects were ages 14, 15 and 14. All three suspects were charged with unruly juvenile by way of breaking and entering, obstructing official business, underage purchase/possession of alcohol, underage possession of tobacco and minor's curfew.

Officers noted there was a risk of severe injury or death to emergency workers responding to this incident due to extreme heights and trip hazards while searching for the rooftop suspects.

All three suspects were released into the custody of the parents pending notification from court.