State seeks its own psychiatric evaluation of suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors now want to have the court psychiatrist examine accused serial killer Anthony Sowell to see if he is crazy.

In a motion just filed, prosecutors say they have been given a report from an expert working with the defense, claiming Sowell suffers from a series of mental illnesses. Among them, obsessive compulsiveness, post traumatic stress disorder, psychosis, substance abuse and more.

The state wants to do this in case the jury has to decide if Sowell lives or dies and his mental capacity comes up at that time.

The state rested in the Cleveland Strangler trial late Monday morning. Judge Ambrose dismissed the jury for the day, and will rule on motions in their absence.

This, after jurors resumed watching video of Anthony Sowell's interrogation interview with homicide detectives first thing Monday morning.

In the video, Sowell continues to tell detectives he had "dreams."

Detectives leave the room, leaving Sowell alone with his thoughts for about 10 minutes. He looks nervous and plays with his hands while occasionally glancing out the window.

Detectives return, and ask Sowell about his sexual encounters with woman. They want to know if he liked to "get rough" with them.

The conversation between Sowell and Cleveland homicide detectives grows very tense. Lots of yelling. Detectives tell Sowell that he isn't "confused" and accuse him of holding back information. They then order him to take his shoe laces off.

Detectives are angry, telling Sowell he won't "man up." Sowell retorts, and tells them they are just trying to confuse him and he can't remember the details they want.

Detectives tell Sowell the victims' families deserve to know where they are, but he isn't man enough to admit what he did.

Sowell then reads his Miranda Rights off a card the detective gave him. The detectives then place his personal belongings into a manila envelope.

Detectives describe women coming to Sowell's home, making him angry and then him choking them. Sowell says, "I choked someone."

Detectives tell Sowell they are about done and cuff him. He hangs his head as if reality is finally setting in.

In the final clip, which appears to have been recorded the day after the original interview, Sowell is dressed in a blue jail jumpsuit.

Sowell tells detectives that he has been housed in his cell in a "suicide" suit, and says it is hard to sleep in. He once again is being read his rights and signing forms, saying he understands.

The morning session wrapped up with one of the detectives on the stand talking about the months of surveillance tape he watched from a nearby business. He said he saw Sowell come and go, but other than the woman who fell from Sowell's second story window, there was nothing incriminating to be found.

Sowell faces the death penalty if convicted of murdering eleven women. The bodies of the victims were found in and around Sowell's Imperial Avenue home in late 2009.

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