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Akron Dealing with Aftermath of Storms: Cooling stations open from 9-to-9


Due to the storm that produced anywhere from 5-7" of rain within a two hour period (reports at this time vary), many people have been displaced from their homes. Some were displaced due to high water and lack of electricity, and some due to collapsed basements. Regardless, there is help available. Those displaced by the storm can seek assistance at the Reimer Community Learning Center Shelter at 2370 Manchester Road, Akron. This shelter will be equipped with Red Cross staff, volunteers, and medical personnel. The shelter will be open 24/7 as long as there remains a need for these Red Cross services for flooding victims.

Additionally, the Mayor has suspended regular duties for all City service department employees so that these employees can assist with the massive cleanup necessitated by the storm. Over 300 residents have reported flooding in their homes and the number is climbing. Residents can call 311 to report basement flooding and sewer backups. City crews will come assess the situation and where necessary, assist with cleanup.

"This was a massive storm that created a lot of flooding and damage," said Mayor Don Plusquellic. "We are doing everything we can to assist those residents whose homes were damaged by the storm. We are working 24/7 to assist the victims, respond to on-going emergencies, and cleanup basements. Unfortunately, a heat wave has hit at the same time and we are addressing that issue too by opening up our community centers as cooling stations."

Six cooling stations are now open in the City of Akron. Those without electricity, air conditioning or fans, and those who cannot tolerate the heat, now have relief. Six Akron Community Centers will be open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. today, tomorrow and Thursday and will function as cooling centers. Those Community Centers are: Ed Davis, Patterson, Ellet, Kenmore, Firestone and Lawton. Available at those cooling centers are volunteers to assist people and cold water. All of Akron's other community centers will also be open during normal business hours for anyone who wants to get out of the heat. We encourage residents to seek out these places if you are need of a place to cool off.

Please note that Akron Metro Bus will help to provide transportation to the shelter and cooling stations. Call 330-762-0341 if you need transportation to these places.


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