Cops in Ashtabula County suspend search for woman missing for 14 years


A huge search has wrapped up in Ashtabula County.

The 14 year-old case is a little confusing because there are a number of locations involved.

A 23 year old woman lived in both Warren and Columbus at the time and it was Columbus where she was seen the last time in 1997.

But new information just surfaced that she may have been buried in Orwell.

Nearly 20 officers converged on the property in Orwell and began digging this week, after getting a tip and then re interviewing family.

Anna Zirkle was 23 at the time of her disappearance and grew up very near to where authorities are searching for her remains.

Detectives will not elaborate on the tip they got, or why here, or why now.

They are only saying her two sons, who are now teenagers, deserve answers.

"Her two sons grew up without a mother and they don't know the whole story yet, and down the road they are going to want to know. I'm sure a lot of questions have been asked but up until now there haven't been answers for those questions," said Detective Kathie Justice, Columbus Police.

Wednesday the crews suspended the search for remains, only saying they've found nothing.


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