Jurors in the Anthony Sowell murder case wraps up 1st day of deliberations

Jurors in the Anthony Sowell murder trial are done deliberating for the day.

Closing arguments and final instructions wrapped up Wednesday. Jurors got the case and met for about two hours before calling it a night.

Prosecutors started their closing arguments by showing pictures of Anthony Sowell's Imperial Avenue home, and then displayed pictures of the victims.

Closing arguments mirror opening statements, and were very deliberate. Prosecutors painted a picture of Sowell as a monster.

Prosecutors point out that seven of eleven murder victims were found strangled with something around their necks, and argue this shows prior calculation. A reason to impose the death penalty.

Around 1:30 p.m., Judge Ambrose replaced a juror with an alternate juror for medical reasons.

Sowell faces the death penalty if convicted of murdering eleven women. The bodies of the victims were found in and around Sowell's Imperial Avenue home in late 2009.

The jurors in this case are sequestered and are expected to begin deliberating first thing Thursday morning.

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