Charles King's Editorial Response

I am Charles King responding to Bill Applegate's editorial about Flash Mobs.

The recent decision by Cleveland Heights Council, to enforce an umbrella curfew due to the recent flash mobs, was simply an easy way out.  They did not take the time to address the problem properly.  It should have been handled on a case-by-case basis.

What the council does not seem to realize is that the curfew hurts more than just the unruly individuals.  It's unfair to judge and punish all teens collectively. There is also the fact that the majority of the 'flash mob' participant's were minorities. I find the council's reaction to be outdated.   This curfew will affect the bottom line of local businesses. It impacts profits by limiting business traffic.

It was an easier political decision to enact this curfew than it is to enforce the law.  As a result, the city is forced to justify arresting those who now break the law by participating in the flash mobs.  Stereotyping the masses hurts everyone.  It hurts those looking in the mirror, and affects those who view the reflection.

Thank you.