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Cleveland Divisions of Fire and Water Remind Residents Not to Open Hydrants

The Division of Fire and Division of Water are teaming up to remind residents of the dangers of opening fire hydrants during the summer months when the weather is extremely hot. Opening hydrants can lead to several problems and injuries, including death.

Open hydrants make it very difficult for firefighters to keep residents safe, especially when they have to go out to turn off a hydrant. It not only takes them away from responding to more serious calls, but it can also affect their ability to fight a fire. "We are encouraging residents to seek alternative ways to stay cool during this extremely hot period, such as using a hose or sprinkler system, visiting one of the city's indoor/outdoor pools and spray basins, or utilizing an air conditioned facility," says Fire Chief Paul Stubbs.

Fire hydrants need to be opened careful and slowly and when they are opened incorrectly, they often break or cause a severe decrease in pressure. As a result, water mains break leaving residents and firefighters without water when they most often need it. It can also lead to severe flooding of basements and cause damage to streets and property if they are not turned off properly.

For a list of indoor and outdoor pools and spray basins, contact your local recreation center.


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