Imperial Avenue Aftermath

For the folks who live on Imperial Ave. life has not been easy.

Anthony Sowell's house has been an eyesore and what he did to 11 women inside was unthinkable. Fridays' verdict brings them comfort...

"We've been at peace here for a while now we are just done," said Doniesha Jacobs, Tonya's granddaughter.

They want the onlookers to go away but they understand this is not over for the victims' families.

"And who was he to be judge and jury but the grim reaper got his. Guilty," said Doniesha Jacobs, Tonya's granddaughter.

Doniesha Jacobs lost her grandmother Tonya Carmicheal. The guilty verdict gives her closure.

"It feels good, it feels real good," said Doniesha Jacobs, Tonya's granddaughter.

Inside the courtroom emotions were raw.

"It was really a sigh of relief it was a lot of emotions," said a family member.

For Alemeda Hunter's family the grief is unbearable, the verdict helps with this.

"That my sister can rest in peace along with all the other ladies," said Alemeda's sister.

For all the ladies who died at the hands of Anthony Sowell justice was served. Now the folks on Imperial Avenue want justice too.

"I want them to tear it down but someone will get a hold of it first," said Fred Barber.

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