Local man struck by lightning now home from the hospital

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A Beachwood man is now home from the hospital, after being struck by lightning.

It happened during the thunderstorms that swept through Northeast Ohio on Friday.

John Stewart was in Beachwood in a parking lot on Chagrin Boulevard waiting for a bus when it started raining and lightening. He ran under a tree and that was a mistake.

"From the impact and the electricity it just hurts to touch just sore just sore," said John Stewart.

Beachwood firefighters were called out to help him.

Stewart was burned badly and rushed to a local hospital.

"I remember the lady bending down over me and waking me out."

The strike went out thru BOTH his ankles!

He was bleeding and bruised and beat the odds. You have a 1-in-500,000 chance of being struck by lightening. He's says he survived by the grace of God.

"I said God please don't take me I ain't ready to go Please don't take me. He didn't take me and I am here to tell you about it."

Stewart is very sore, but says he's very grateful to be alive.

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