Cleveland's southern suburbs hit hard by flash flooding

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Residents living in Cleveland's southern suburbs are seeing red after this week's storms.

The problems started earlier this week when severe weather swept through the region leaving roads, homes and other structures under water temporarily.

Saturday evening, more storms rolled into the region causing flash flooding once again.

In the Brooklyn / Parma area, a water rescue occurred at the Walmart parking lot located on Brookpark Road near Tiedeman Saturday evening. According to police, Big Creek overflowed flooded the entire area.

A woman was rescued from her Chevy Cobalt when she tried to leave the store. The flooding was so bad, officers were telling those inside of the Walmart and Sam's Club to stay in the store until the water receded.

Residents are asked to avoid the area at this time.

Parma residents also reporting heavy flooding and raw sewage backing up into their homes throughout the city.

According to Tonya Zeitler, a resident on Common Wolf Drive, Parma City Councilman Roy J. Jech told residents Saturday evening that he sympathizes with their situations but there's nothing that could be done to stop the flooding. So for now, residents are angry there's no help on the way and that they their own.

Parma Police Captain Robert DeSimone released the following statement late Saturday evening regarding flooding:

"With the recent heavy rains coming through the area numerous streets and homes in Parma have become flooded. If you are reporting a flooded street or flooded basement, with no danger to the occupants, please call the Cuyahoga County Engineer's Office at 1-800-683-2689, not the Parma Police.

The Engineer's Office have people standing by to assist you.

If there is a danger in your home due to flooding, i.e. electrical, gas, danger to life, immediately call the Parma Police Department at 440-885-1234 or 911 and assistance will be sent to your home immediately.

Please use caution when driving due to high water in several areas of the city. Do not attempt to drive through high water or flooded streets."

Call 216-661-7372 or click on the link to the right, to find information on how to qualify for clean up assistance, cash for appliance replacement and rebate details for replacing old damaged appliances with energy efficient ones.