Exclusive: More arrests in drive-by shooting that critically injured teenage girl

19 Action News has exclusive details in the case of a drive-by shooting that critically injured 13 year old Brianna Hines.

She was shot in the head four months ago while sitting in her own living room.   

Back in March police told 19 Action News that thugs looking for someone else, shot up her house.

Stephen Smith, a.k.a. Fat Steve was the first to be indicted in the shooting. He's plead to a weapons charge.

Raymond Williams was charged too. His case is still pending. 

Now 19 Action News has learned a juvenile has been picked up as well. He'll be charged as an adult.

In recent days Cleveland Homicide Investigators arrested James McAlpine and questioned him. Plus a source close to the case says we could see even more people locked up for this senseless crime.

Homicide investigators are involved since young Brianna was left so close to death.

Family members meantime tell us Brianna is at Cleveland Clinic's Children's Hospital. She's going through rehab everyday and is slowly re-gaining some of her speech.


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